Claude Terrier
The staff

Stéphane Guiou, a native of St Jurs, village Alpes de Haute Provence, my faithful assistant and second kitchen for six years at the Olivier de Ste croix du Verdon and already my apprentice at Les Santons in Moustiers Ste Marie with André Abert and  Claude Fichot .
In 2014, Jean-François Godiard, a route in large establishments in Paris Alain Dutournier and Guy Savoy, and has joined The Santons and assist me in the kitchen.

With Stéphane and Jean-François, we share the same passion and the same convictions.

Our collaboration, a history dating and friendship, for  the happiness of our customers.

The  team

Stéphane Guiou, second kitchen.

Amandine Kerne, waitress.

Thélise Derbez, apprentice in the kitchen.

Christian Durand, a dishwasher.

Aurélien Michel, commis chef.

Sandie Marsias, waitress.

Alkane mascot

Time for a lunch or dinner, I accept the visit of my four-legged friends.



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